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Lap Dance Like a Goddess


Dance like an absolute divine goddess in this online Lap Dance course/class.. Explore your own natural movement with a sensual dance warm up. Going over feminine dance movements to perform in front of and on your partner using a chair. Get inspired picking out an outfit, choosing music and setting up your environment with a lingerie reveal, playlists and pictures. Command the attention and embody confidence with simple tips and tricks. Bring the energy while giving your partner the BEST Lap dance. Begin to love and appreciate your body on a level you didn't know possible. Step by step guide through the lap dance and warm up.. Pdfs included for extra support and self love. In this online course you will find: -What to expect and need for the warm up ✔️ -The sensual divine movement warm up ✔️ -Step by step guide on giving a lap dance ✔️ -Overlook of the whole routine being performed ✔️ -Tips and tricks to enhance your dance ✔️ -PDFs to help support you ✔️ Sensual music playlist ✔️ -How to make it all about your partner ✔️ -Lingerie reveal ✔️ NOT included: -Step by step guide using a couch ❌ -Step by step guide using a bed ❌ -Bonus video how to bounce your booty ❌ -Bonus video how to strip while dancing ❌ -5 additional warm up videos with extra dance moves ❌ -In depth videos on getting your outfit, music, environment, hygiene, confidence and connection down to WOW your partner ❌




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