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Irresistible Goddess Lap Dance Course


Dance sensually with confidence without feeling awkward in this online Lap Dance course/class. Discover various different ways to give a lap dance and bring the heat with your partner. Love and appreciate your body on a level you didn't know possible. Step into your empowered feminine energy while having fun. Communicate with your partner with ease. Learn a new way to move & exercise your body that won’t get boring. Four Pillar Frame Work: 1️⃣ Step by step on everything you need to know about giving a lap dance (music, environment, outfit and more). 2️⃣ Sensual dance foundation to develop your own unique feminine movement. 3️⃣ Self Love excersies to create a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself. 4️⃣ Communicate with your partner in a way they will listen and create ease in your dance. BONUS PROGRAMS: 💜How to strip and tease to build anticipation 💜Floor work and floor play to mix things up 💜Magnetic Women Mini course to immediately step into your feminine power 💜Stretch sequences to begin dancing with more fluidity 💜Online community coming soon💜 For 1 on 1 support send us an email. 🫶 **Money back guarantee** To qualify you must be within 30 days and not complete past module 1, if you move past module 1 you will not be eligible for a refund.




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