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Lap Dance Like a Goddess VIP Bundle


Dance like an absolute divine goddess in this online Lap Dance course/class. Explore your own natural movement with a 6 unique sensual dance warm ups, including learning to bounce your booty. Go over feminine dance movements to perform in front of and on your partner using a chair, couch AND bed. Bring the energy while giving your partner the BEST Lap dance. Begin to love and appreciate your body on a level you didn't know possible. In this online course you will find: ✔️What to expect and need for the warm up ✔️The sensual divine movement warm up ✔️Step by step guide on giving a lap dance ✔️Overlook of the whole routine being performed ✔️Tips and tricks to enhance your dance ✔️PDFs to help support you ✔️How to make it all about your partner ✔️Lingerie reveal ✔️Step by step guide using a couch ✔️Step by step guide using a bed ✔️Bonus video how to bounce your booty ✔️Bonus video how to strip while dancing ✔️5 additional warm up videos with leg play, chair play and wall play ✔️ In depth videos on getting your outfit, music, environment, hygiene, confidence and connection down to WOW your partner **Money back guarantee** To qualify you must not complete past module 1, if you move past module 1 you will not be eligible for a refund.




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