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How to give a Lap dance to spice up & deepen your relationship without feeling awkward or insecure.

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Learn the method I teach women to confidently dance for their partners while feeling sexy & having fun.


How women without ANY previous experience have an unfair advantage when giving a lap dance that truly captivates their partner.

Stop feeling insecure and awkward when it comes to giving a Lap dance using a little-known method that will help you instantly radiate confidence & sex appeal in your dance.

Why “how you look” has NOTHING to do with giving a fun, playful lap dance and what matters way more instead. 

How to give a Lap dance with complete confidence without needing a drink of alcohol or any dance experience. 

What your partner finds the MOST sexy during a Lap dance (and how any woman can bring it out - even if you’ve felt super awkward or insecure before). 

In just one week from now you could be playful giving a Lap dance to your partner AND have fun doing it.

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Im excited to hear from you how you can apply my methods to your own Lap dance and relationship!

Who is Brielle Archer?

For 9 years Brielle has helped women embrace their sensuality, gain confidence and reclaim their divine feminine power through different styles of dance. Her passion and practice in dance started at a young age and eventually led Brielle into inspiring and guiding women through their personal unique dance journey.


Brielle mostly serves women who have disconnected from themselves through kids, marriage or work, stuck in "go"mode or have recently gone through challenging times. 

Dance has always had a strong influence on the way Brielle feels and shows up for herself, her family and friends. Knowing the positive influence it has on her, she wants to share that with all women alike. 

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