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Making Lap Dancing Fun, Simple & Sexy for Women

Is this your first time giving a Lap dance and have no idea where to start and need help?

Maybe you have given a Lap dance and it didn't go as planned and realize you  need guidance?

Perhaps you love giving Lap dances and want to spice it up.

Or you simply just want to learn how to dance sensually, feel good and have a good time!

In This Playshop You Will Learn 


What to Expect in This Course:

Gain confidence in your own unique sensual movement through warm ups.

Master transitioning on and around your partner while dancing.

Learn at your own speed in the comfort of your own home.

Life time access to the course.

Discover essential ways to bring the heat into your dancing.


Overview of this Course

✔️ The sensual divine movement warm ups 

✔️ Step by step guide on giving a lap dance on a chair, bed & couch

✔️ Overlook of the whole routine being performed

✔️ Tips and tricks to enhance your dance

✔️ PDFs to help support you & sensual music playlist

✔️ How to make it all about your partner

✔️ Bonus video how to bounce your booty & strip while dancing 

 ✔️ In depth videos on getting your outfit, music, environment, hygiene, confidence and connection down to WOW your partner 

Take one step closer to evoking your inner goddess through this Lap dance course!

Taught by Brielle Archer,
Owner and Creator of My Divine Movement

For 8 years Brielle has helped women embrace their sensuality, gain confidence and reclaim their divine feminine power. Her passion and practice in dance started at a young age dancing competitively, in high schools she was voted in as captain of her dance team and started gogo dancing out of high school. These events led Brielle into inspiring and guiding women through their personal unique dance journey. 

Dance has always had a strong influence on the way Brielle feels and shows up for herself, her family and friends. Knowing the positive influence it has on her, she wants to share that with all women alike. 

What to Expect 

Hey beautiful! 


It's Brielle with My Divine Movement and I am so excited you are here! You may be wondering what to expect, what do I bring and how does this work. I am here to answer some questions you may be having.


The first thing you can expect is to learn about your music, outfit and your environment. These three things really help support us as women and promote the most beautiful, divine, feminine movement from us. If we don’t understand how these things support us this can have a huge impact on when we give our partner a Lap dance. 


Another thing you can expect is breath work and visualization exercise through the warm up. The breath work really helps slow us down, helps regulate our nervous system and get us relaxed for the warm up. The visualization process is to help inspire us, get us excited and light us up. Some topics I ask is “what do you want your movement to look like?”, “what do you love about yourself?” and “what do you picture your dance space to look like?”. This is to help inspire you. 


During the warm up you will learn to move your chest, hips and neck together to create a sensual movement. I encourage touching your body like hugging or massaging, anything that feels best for you. This really can help us love ourselves and bring that love into our Lap dance. The warm up is really important because it’s our foundation for when we go to give a Lap dance. We want to make sure we can dance sensually and not be stiff. 


You may be thinking.. “so what about the actual Lap dance?”.. I teach an open formatted choreography, transitions and other tricks to perform the actual Lap dance. I also go over how to make it all about your partner. How to put all your energy into them to get them excited, lit up and ready for action. 


You may also be thinking.. “what if I’m a beginner?”, “I’m scared.” or “I’ve never done this before”. If this is your first time doing something like this I totally get it. I know it can be really scary to do something like this for the first time. I get really nervous when I try something for the first time too. I was super nervous to take my first pole class and tried to get every person I knew to come with me with no success so I had to take action by myself. And I’m so happy I did it!


Myself and other ladies are really just a community of women that want to support you in what you do and who you are. Seriously, join one of these events it won’t be as scary once you’ve done it. You will feel exhilarated and so good after!


If you have never danced before that’s okay! A lot of my students are beginners and that’s what these events and course are for.. beginners! If you have any questions or need help, I am so happy to help you any way I can. 


If you are thinking “what do I bring or what do I wear?” I have the answers for you. Wear something that feels amazing on you and lights you up and feels so good and sexy like a goddess.

For the Lap dance specifically I encourage simple lingerie. Please avoid stockings as it can get slippery. Also avoid anything that’s too complicated or has nudity aspects to it. You can wear something like a bikini or simple lingerie set, these are great options. If you feel more conservative and not ready for lingerie you can wear feminine workout/yoga clothing. Something you feel good that supports your movement will be  amazing. 


You want to bring a mat or knee pads to ensure the warm up is comfortable for you. Bring a water bottle because this can be a total workout. You can also bring a yoga pillow to help if you struggle with flexibility. 


I am so excited for you where ever you start this dance journey!! I hope to see you soon!


"I was immensely happy to what I saw, I was no longer 'just a mom', I still had the 'sexy' on me. That moment was priceless.


 When I walked in I was so pleased to find women my age, younger, older and different sizes!"

Liliana | Murrieta, CA

"This Lap dance with Brielle helped me shed my inhibitions. It helped with my sexual confidence. 

Heidi | Murrieta, CA

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