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How to Pick the Right Heels for Dancing

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Hello beautiful!

In this blog post you are going to learn how to pick out the most optimal heels for dancing. 🔥 You can check out my youtube video here or keep reading below.

First, determine your skill level in heels. A few questions you can ask yourself are "how often do I wear heels, how high are the heels I wear, am I comfortable simply walking in heels?" and lastly "is this my first pair of heels?".

Second, If you are beginner in heels I encourage a 3-3.5inch heel. Heels can make some moves easier so anything smaller could hinder you, anything higher could be too difficult. This height will help you to develop the ankle strength needed to dance in heels.

Third, I highly recommend any heel that you can tie/adjust around your ankle. This helps with securing the shoe around your ankle for stability when dancing. You WANT as much stability as possible when dancing in your heels. Any time I have ever fallen or rolled my ankles in heels is when my heels were not tight around my ankles.

Fourth, avoid platforms! You want to feel grounded and secure in your shoes. Having a platform will make you vulnerable to falling (your feet are farther away from the floor) and less stable.

Fifth, you will want to find a shoe that has a flexible sole and material. If your shoes are too stiff in the sole or shoe in general, it can be difficult to move and transition in your shoes. Alternatively, you can break in your shoes by wearing them around the house prior to dancing in them.

Sixth, wide/thick heel or skinny pointy heel? If you are brand new to dancing in heels and feeling nervous stick with a wide/thick heel. This will allow you to put weight into your heels and stay stable regardless of the strength you have in your ankles. If you are stable in heels you *should* be able to go for the skinny/pointy heel safely.

Seventh, the material of the bottom of your shoes matters! If it is a velvety cloth material, this could make it very slippery when dancing. If it’s a full rubber bottom, it could be too sticky when dancing/pivoting. You need to put your shoes on and see what it feels like on the floor when moving around. This can help you find the perfect grip for you.

Lastly, open toed shoes can provide amazing stability and mobility when dancing. If the tow of your shoe is closed that works! Avoid pointy toe shoes or anything that keeps your toes far away from touching the inside on your shoe. When dancing this can hinder your movement and make it extremely uncomfortable.

I truly hope you found this article helpful! This can be a seriously fun process if you allow it to be. Take your time, go to different stores, put on multiple shoes, strut what your mama gave you and have fun! 💕

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