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My name is Brielle and I seriously LOVE helping women, like you, to feel sexy, sensual & beautiful.

To get the details on my Burlesque Playshop watch the video above, keep reading or click below. 

You deserve and NEED to feel powerful, playful, sexy, confident and like a total goddess. 

I teach dance to help you and other women reconnect with themselves through feminine divine dance movement.

I have so much passion for helping women. I LOVE seeing women come out of their shell and grow massive amounts of confidence.

I am a wife, I am a mom of two and I own two businesses that I operate. 

And look, I know...

I KNOW how it feels being overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and you have had enough. 

I KNOW what it’s like to try to escape that reality through drinking alcohol, binge eating treats and watching shows all day or night. 

I KNOW what it feels like to be depressed and want to curl up, scream and/or cry.

I KNOW what it feels like to have anxiety that is near impossible to control.

I KNOW what it feels like to be on auto pilot and you just are not happy and need more. 

I KNOW what it feels like to just be completely disconnected with myself, living a life for others. 

Movement ALWAYS makes me feel like myself again.

It makes me feel amazing, sensual and feminine.


And when I FEEL amazing I show up AMAZING for my family, my work and my friends.


When I take care of myself I can nurture my children more patiently.


When I do things for myself I am more loving to my husband.

When I make time to have FUN, I go into my work space excited!

When I live in BLISS, I attract amazing people into my life.


That’s what I want for you.

Because I know you feel like you need something more. And I know how healing and amazing dance can be for women. 


I’ve helped women through this process for 8 years and I want to provide a

safe, creative and playful space for you


because you deserve it. 


And look… I want to be clear...


While dance is a work out and is “fitness” I am just not a huge advocate for that.


I don’t promote “get the best workout ever” or “loose weight in 10 days” or “tighten your body with dance”.


It’s just not my style. I don’t focus on outward appearance.



I focus on the way YOU FEEL inwardly.


Because if you FEEL beautiful, trust me you will KNOW you ARE sexy, no matter what you actually “look” like.


So if ANY of this resonates with you.. please enter your details below.. I would LOVE to send you all the details of my upcoming Playshop with you!

I'm ready to feel like a
feminine goddess!

Enter your info below to get the details on my next Playshop.

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